Digital Solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Open Source

At every stage of your digital transformation, you can count on us. You will always find a solution for your challenges in our wide range of services, as we are Red Hat Premier Business Partner in the BeLux. We advise, install, configure, implement, and support. Doing our job with passion, we aim to bring added value and develop a long-term relationship with you. Discover our digital solutions with Red Hat enterprise open source.

As inspirers of “Piros, the Cronos Red Hat community”, which gathers all Red Hat competencies within De Cronos Groep, we are happy to be your single point of contact. Let’s walk together through all the digital solutions with Red Hat enterprise open source and how we can support you.


Red Hat OpenShift

Save money on your infrastructure

When it comes to reliable open source solutions for your data center, let us be your partner of choice.  Our preferred technology is Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Virtualization.

Don’t miss the digital train. Let us modernize your infrastructure. We guarantee you saving time and money!

Our services

01. Audit

Oops, stuck with your open source? Or with setting up your Red Hat virtualization environment? Let us audit your environment and advise you on best practices.

02. Implement

Let’s get started with your move to open source while saving money.

03. Maintain

Going for a worry-free experience? Let us maintain your open source data center infrastructure.

04. Train

We offer hands-on labs, where you get a grasp of the many features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Virtualization in an interactive way. Customized training, on-site or virtual, is possible too.

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    Walking on cloud nine with OpenShift

    Cloud brings computing power, storage, and network systems to users on demand. Your cloud infrastructure is elastic to support your organization, where traditional, on-prem data center resources don’t.

    Our technology of choice is Red Hat OpenShift. Our two cents? Red Hat OpenShift is the only mature vendor-agnostic container platform that allows seamless hybrid cloud infrastructure.

    Let us help you choose the right solution to build and deploy your open, hybrid cloud environment. We will support both your internal (technology) and external (business) needs.

    Our services

    01. Audit

    Oops, stuck with your migration toward the cloud? Or with setting up your OpenShift environment? We audit your environment and advise you on best practices.

    02. Implement

    Are you ready to get started with your move to the cloud? Let’s do this! We support you, not only from a technical perspective but also from a strategic and managerial stance.

    03. Maintain

    Enjoy a worry-free experience while we maintain your OpenShift environment.

    04. Train

    We regularly do hands-on labs, where you get a grasp of the many features of OpenShift in an interactive way. Customized (on-site or virtual) training is also an option.

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      JFrog Artifactory

      Ansible Automation partner

      With its holistic approach, IT automation helps you get rid of repetitive, manual processes. It allows teams to be more productive, reduce errors, and improve collaboration. We strongly focus on Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform.

      Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is a foundation for building and operating automation across an organization. The platform includes all the necessary tools to implement enterprise-wide automation. You can use IT automation for provisioning, configuration management, orchestration, application deployment, security, and compliance.

      Our services


      Are you eager to start with Ansible automation? We are happy to assess your current inventory. On top of that, we advise you on the best way to move forward, we write your playbooks, and more!

      02. Implement

      Are you stuck with your automation? With setting up your Ansible playbooks? Let us implement Ansible for you and advise you on best practices.

      02. Maintain

      Do you like a worry-free experience? Let us maintain your Ansible environment.

      04. Train

      We do hands-on labs, where you get a grasp of the many features of Ansible (Tower) in an interactive way. Customized (on-site or virtual) training is also possible.

      Your question about Automation

        Welcome integration!

        Digitalization is the latest factor that drives application integration to a higher level. High volumes of API calls are to be processed for new digital initiatives. The overall hybrid IT landscape needs to interact and integrate smoothly and stably, supporting a timely evolution of front- and back-end business processes.

        Together with our colleagues of Integration Designers, we help you implement the most advanced API Management and Hybrid Integration Platforms. They form the foundational layer for your digital transformations. Realizing an API and event-driven interaction between all your platforms and applications.

        Being the first Red Hat partner in Belgium to actively roll out RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), we provide reliable open platforms. They help expose and secure your APIs and link your heterogeneous application landscape.

        Red Hat offers the best platforms and application integration solutions in the market.

        Our services

        01. Implement

        Let us deploy the OS layer for you. We are happy to design, implement and manage your API Management and Integration Platform.

        02. Maintain

        Dreaming of a worry-free experience? Let us maintain your full hybrid Integration stack.

        03. Train

        We train your staff to get acquainted with the full hybrid Integration stack.

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          digital solutions with Red Hat enterprise open source


          Modernize your strategy

          Do buzz words such as IT 2.0, mode 2 IT, DevOps make your head spin rather than excite you? We can’t wait to explain to you what DevOps is all about. And why DevOps is the way to go. Our staff shows you this from both a technical point of view and a managerial approach.

          We also organize on-site training that introduces all stakeholders, both from the IT department and the business units, to the wonderful world of Agile development. Without writing a single line of code! This workshop is the ideal starting point for your journey towards adopting Agile methodologies.

          Our services

          01. Brief

          Shall we talk to your executives? Let us convince them of the advantages of Agile methodology for your organization from a business point of view!

          02. Train

          With Lego, we introduce you to the Agile methodology in half a day.

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            Nowadays, Red Hat Certifications are amongst the industry’s highest-valued proofs of expertise. They are practical by nature and require at least some professional experience before taking the exams. Preparing for these exams is easy with a vast Red Hat Training program.

            Most of the Red Hat training programs are available in different delivery formats or tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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              AI-ready Enterprise Platform


              We also help you with other open source tooling and technology besides the products and services mentioned previously.

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                Licensing? Subscriptions!

                In the open source world, they talk about subscriptions rather than licenses, as there is no intellectual property. Piros is Red Hat Premier business partner, with the highest number of Red Hat specializations in Belgium. Read: you save money by optimizing your subscription pool with us.

                Our services

                01. Assess

                Let us assess your existing subscription pool and make sure you are still using the optimal setup.

                02. Optimize

                Looking for help with your subscriptions? Using suboptimal subscriptions? Can you save money by co-terminating subscriptions? Let us help you save that money.

                03. Renew

                Proactivity is king. That’s why we contact you when a renewal is due so that you optimize your subscription pool where possible.

                Thanks to a couple of in-depth talks with Piros we managed to realize some big savings.

                – Mazda

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