On Cloud Nine with Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud brings computing power, storage, and network systems to users on demand. Your cloud infrastructure is elastic to support your organization, whereas traditional, on-prem data center resources don’t. Our technology of choice is Red Hat OpenShift. Why is that?

Red Hat OpenShift is the only mature vendor-agnostic container platform that allows seamless hybrid cloud infrastructure. Let us help you choose the right solution to build and deploy your open, hybrid cloud environment. We will support your internal (technology) and external (business) needs.

OpenShift is a unified platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale. It’s time to work smarter and faster with a complete set of services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure!

This industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes brings together tested and trusted services. It reduces the friction of developing, modernizing, deploying, running, and managing applications. OpenShift delivers a consistent experience across public cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud, or edge architecture.

Choose a self-managed or fully managed solution. No matter how you run it, OpenShift helps teams focus on the work that matters.

Red Hat OpenShift

OpenShift Container Platform

brings together Docker and Kubernetes, and provides an API to manage these services. OpenShift Container Platform allows you to create and manage containers.

OpenShift Kubernetes Engine

includes a RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) Virtual Datacenter and RHCOS (Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS) entitlement so you can use an integrated Linux operating system with container runtime from the same technology provider.

OpenShift Virtualization

allows IT teams to run VM (virtual machines) alongside containers on the same platform, simplifying management and improving time to production.

OpenShift AI

is a flexible, scalable MLOps (Machine learning operations) platform with tools to build, deploy, and manage AI-enabled applications. It provides trusted, operationally consistent capabilities for teams to experiment, serve models, and deliver innovative apps.

Benefits of OpenShift


Apps running on Red Hat OpenShift can scale to thousands of instances across hundreds of nodes in seconds.


Red Hat OpenShift simplifies deployment and management of a hybrid infrastructure, giving you the flexibility to have a self-managed or fully managed service, running on-premise or in cloud and hybrid environments.

Open source standards

Red Hat OpenShift incorporates Open Container Initiative (OCI) containers and Cloud Native Computing Foundation-certified Kubernetes for container orchestration, in addition to other open source technologies.


Streamlined and automated container and app builds, deployments, scaling, health management, and more are included.

Another number in the queue? Thanks, but no thanks. Our staff works closely with you and offers full transparency throughout the process – from planning to execution. You’ll never feel alone when working with Piros because we care about your success as much as ours!

We are proud to say that we are the first and the only IT provider in Belgium that covers the full Red Hat portfolio Our choice to work exclusively with Red Hat is well-considered. That’s why our staff can tackle any challenge, as they have become true experts throughout the years.

Customer cases

Digitaal Vlaanderen and Red Hat

By migrating to Red Hat’s enterprise container application and messaging solutions, supported by our consultants, Digitaal Vlaanderen created a scalable, responsive, and cost-effective foundation to optimize legacy applications and build new digital services.

Red Hat OpenShift

Although Keytrade Bank wanted to move its software development environment to the public cloud, legal constraints made that impossible. They found the solution in Red Hat OpenShift, a container platform allowing to build and deploy an open, hybrid cloud environment in open source.

Why choose Piros?

How we can help you

Our services


If you are stuck with your migration or setting up your OpenShift environment, we audit your environment and advise you on best practices.

02. Implementation

We are happy to help with your move to the cloud, from a technical perspective and a strategic and managerial stance.

02. Maintenance

Our staff is eager to maintain your OpenShift environment for a completely worry-free experience.

04. Training

We regularly organize hands-on labs, where you get a grasp of the many features of OpenShift. Customized (on-site or virtual) training is possible too.


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