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Stress about software updates, security breaches, or infrastructure changes? Piros will take care of your IT needs so you can get back to business.

We have been providing successful IT solutions for over a decade. Let’s help you with whatever it takes, from consultancy to subscriptions, deployment, training, and managed services.

Let’s tackle this in 5 steps only! Discover our approach.

Pleased to meet you

First of all, we would really get to know you! So, who is who at the table or in the video call? After that, we proceed to the IT side of your story. What does your current IT environment consist of which direction do you want to go, and why? Can you tell us how you run it today? And, of course, how we can help you?

Enjoy your demo, presentation, or quotation

During a second round, you will get a solution demo on your particular issue. Or you discover several options to optimize your IT environment. Do you need extra staff? Can be arranged! Do you already know what you want? Great, let’s proceed immediately to a quotation based on your questions.

Time to tackle your questions

All the time and space you need to discuss your proposal, make some changes, ask additional questions, run over the cost, etc. Let’s tackle all your technical questions and calculate the number of subscriptions. We call this the finetuning meeting.

Let’s implement

Are you ready to take off? Let’s sharpen the pencils and sign the agreement, followed by a general kick-off meeting. At this point, you will get a Red Hat account or contract number. In case of a shortage of resources, our staff is happy to step in. You can hire them as long as you need.

And support

At the end of a project, our job doesn’t end. We stay at your disposal for questions, follow-up, and training. Would you prefer continuous support whenever you have a question or a challenge pops up? Then a managed services contract might be useful! Let’s discuss the different options. And no worries, before it’s even time to renew your subscriptions, we give you a buzz.




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