We as Piros are a long lasting Red Hat business partner. With a heritage spanning three decades, we cover the full Red Hat product portfolio. From web-application development to system administration, mobile development, storage and cloud hosting solutions, Piros can help.

Piros is the oldest Premier Business Partner in the BeLux.

On the next few pages we will give you a brief overview of what we do.

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Piros. and cloud

Cloud brings computing power, storage, and network systems to users on demand. Your cloud infrastructure must be elastic to support your organization where traditional, on-premise datacenter resources can’t.

Our technology of choice is Red Hat OpenShift, since we are convinced Red Hat OpenShift is the only mature vendor agnostic container platform that allows true and seamless hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Piros. services

Customer Testimonial

“Piros helped us deploy new applications faster by implementing Red Hat OpenShift” – Keytrade Bank


Piros. and automation

With its holistic approach IT automation helps you get rid of repetitive, manual processes, allowing teams to be more productive, reducing errors and improves collaboration.

Piros has a lot of experience with IT automation tracks, with a heavy focus on Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform.

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform is a foundation for building and operating automation across an organization. The platform includes all the tools needed to implement enterprise-wide automation.

You can use IT automation for provisioning, configuration management, orchestration, application deployment, security and compliance.

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Customer Testimonial

“Ansible saves us many hours of manual labour” – Telenet


Piros. and SAP HANA

Are you already migrating to SAP HANA or preparing to migrate to SAP HANA? In that case it’s good to know SAP HANA requires Linux as the underlying operating system. Together with our colleagues of Flexso, Piros helps you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Being the first Red Hat partner in Belgium to actively roll out RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) for SAP solutions (in an automated way) we have built an experience you can rely on.

We are confident Red Hat offers some benefits to SAP customers no other vendor does.

Apart from the OS layer, Red Hat has a nice complementary product portfolio to extend your SAP HANA environment in a cost-effective way.

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Customer Testimonial

“Thanks to Piros and Flexso, the transition to SAP HANA went smoothly” – NMC


Piros. and infrastructure

With an experience spanning 3 decades, Piros is your partner of choice when it comes to reliable Open Source solutions for your datacenter.

Our technologies of choice are Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Virtualization.

As IT advances, we help you modernize your infrastructure and at the same time save time and money needed for maintaining your infrastructure.

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Customer Testimonial

“The experience of Piros with Red Hat products is unrivaled” - DPG


Piros. and integration

Digitalization is the latest factor that drives Application Integration to higher level. High volumes of API calls are to be processed for new digital initiatives. The overall hybrid IT landscape needs to interact and integrate in a smooth and stable manner, supporting a timely evolution of front- and back-end business processes.

Together with our colleagues of Integration Designers, Piros helps you implement the most advanced API Management and Hybrid Integration Platforms that form a foundational layer for your digital transformations. Realizing an API and event driven interaction between all your platforms and applications.

Being the first Red Hat partner in Belgium to actively roll out RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), we know how to provide the reliable open platforms that help expose and secure you’re API’s, link your heterogeneous application landscape.

We are confident Red Hat offers the best platforms and application integration solutions of the market.

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Customer Testimonial

“Integration Designers and Piros know what integration is about” – AN


Piros. and strategy

Do buzz words like IT 2.0, mode 2 IT, DevOps make your head spin rather than excite you? Let Piros explain why DevOps is the way to go, and what DevOps is all about. We do this from both a technical point of view as from a managerial approach.

We organize an on-site training that introduces all stakeholders, both from the IT department as from the business units, in the wonderful world of Agile development without writing a single line of code.

This workshop is the ideal starting point for your journey towards adopting Agile methodologies.

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Customer Testimonial.

“Piros opened our eyes with their Lego Lab” - FedNot


Piros. and licensing

In the Open Source world, we talk about subscriptions rather than licenses, since there is no intellectual property.

Piros is Red Hat Premier business partner, with the highest number of Red Hat specializations in Belgium. We are therefore confident we can save you money by optimizing your subscription pool.

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Customer Testimonial.

“Thanks to a couple of nice discussions with Piros we managed to realize some great savings” - Mazda



Piros. and Open Source

Apart from the technologies and products mentioned on the previous pages, Piros can also help you with following other Open Source tools and technologies:

  • All Red Hat products and technologies, including but not limited to Red Hat business process automation.
  • Zabbix monitoring
  • Couchbase no-sql
  • Staffing

Piros. services

  • Implementation: Piros can design and implement these environments for you.
  • Maintenance: Piros can maintain these environments for you, for a completely worry-free experience. Training: Piros can train your staff to get acquainted with these environments.
  • Staffing: Urgently need some extra hands in your team(s)? Piros can provide highly skilled people in every Open Source domain.

Customer Testimonial

“We can highly recommend Piros as a Zabbix reseller’ - Infrabel


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