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When you shake hands with Piros as your IT partner in crime, you choose Red Hat as your preferred IT provider. We decided 15 years ago to avoid mainstream trends or to copy ideas from legacy software systems. With Red Hat, you get truly modern solutions that provide you with all the features of a traditional software system with the benefits of a secure open source approach in a community model. We’re passionate about Red Hat enterprise open source and we’re eager to take your IT to the next level.

That’s why

Another number in the queue? Thanks, but no thanks. Our staff works closely with you and offers you full transparency throughout the process – from planning to execution. You’ll never feel alone when working with Piros because we care about your success as much as ours!

We are proud to be the first and the only IT provider in Belgium that covers the entire Red Hat portfolio. The choice to work exclusively with Red Hat is well-considered. Our staff tackles any challenge that you have since they are true Red Hat enterprise open source experts.

That’s how


We believe in open dialogue and feedback. So, we make sure to communicate clearly with everyone at all levels of interaction – be it via email, phone, Teams, or in-person – anything works for us!


Our drive is what makes us tick. We strive for 110% satisfaction, whether it concerns a client project or within the team. People before contract, that is our motto. Nothing stops us until the job is done and everyone is happy with the result.


At Piros, we believe in working together instead of against one another. We are convinced that good ideas can come from anyone. So, we make sure that both our staff and our clients have all the necessary resources to excel at what they do.


We understand the importance of balance, in our work, our relationships, our lives. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, remote work, an extra pair of hands in case of an issue, a listening ear.


At Piros, we stand for honesty, especially in our pricing. We set them clearly from the start. This way you know exactly what you are paying for, without hidden costs or surcharges lurking to surprise you later.




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