Isovalent networking, security, and observability

With the power of eBPF, Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium combines network and runtime behavior with Kubernetes identity. This is to provide a single source of data for cloud-native forensics, audit, compliance monitoring, and threat detection integrated into your SIEM/log aggregation platform of choice.

  • Identity-Aware Event SIEM Export
  • Network Flow Visibility
  • Workload Runtime Visibility
  • Compliance Monitoring

Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium scales for any deployment size without any effort, whether it concerns 50 pods or 100,000. With capabilities like traffic management, load balancing, and infrastructure monitoring, Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium is extensively tested, and fully backported. On top of that, it is covered by 24×7 support from the builders of eBPF and Cilium.

  • Zero-Trust Network Policy
  • High-Performance Load Balancing
  • Multi-cluster Connectivity
  • Transparent Encryption

Isovalent Enterprise for Cilium facilitates self-service for monitoring, troubleshooting, and security workflows in Kubernetes. So that teams can access current and historical views of flow data, metrics, and visualizations for their specific namespaces. This helps them if any network connectivity issues impact their app health.

  • Multi-tenant Connectivity Data + Metrics
  • Historical Data Views + Analytics
  • Simplified Network Policy Creation
  • Automated Network Policy Approvals

Benefits of Isovalent

Comprehensive cloud-native connectivity

Isovalent Cilium Enterprise accommodates advanced network policy capabilities. Including DNS-aware policy, L7 policy, and deny policy, enabling fine-grained control over network traffic for micro-segmentation and advanced security.

Scalable, multi-tenant design

Built to scale, Isovalent Cilium Enterprise foresees a powerful connectivity layer with built-in security functionality for Kubernetes. Allowing you to isolate and secure traffic between applications and other cloud-native infrastructure.

Deep observability

Accomplish deep visibility into network traffic with detailed flow logs and packet captures for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.

Robust security

Protect against sophisticated threats with robust and scalable security features such as micro-segmentation, encryption, and authentication.

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If you are stuck with your migration or setting up Isovalent, we audit your environment and advise you on best practices.

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Our staff is eager to maintain Isovalent for a completely worry-free experience.

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We regularly organize hands-on labs, where you get a grasp of its many features. Customized (on-site or virtual) training is possible too.


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