Why open-source and the cloud are the perfect match.

Why open-source and the cloud are the perfect match.

You don’t have to say goodbye to open-source just because you’re moving to the cloud. And yet that’s precisely what many organizations believe. Let’s have a look at the facts and discover why open-source and the cloud are the perfect match. 

There are a million reasons for moving to the cloud. It is hardly surprising as the cloud offers a multitude of opportunities. Many organizations that have been investing in open-source technology, such as Red Hat, are looking to move to the cloud too. Sometimes cautiously at first, using a hybrid model where they retain part of their infrastructure on-premises. Others choose to abandon the old on-site approach altogether and take a giant leap of faith into the cloud.

Open-source powers the cloud

Many organizations believe this means they’ll have to wave goodbye to their Red Hat open-source software and part ways with their trusted technology partner. But nothing can be further from the truth. Red Hat Enterprise Linux typically supports and powers software for the cloud and all related technologies, including containers. In fact, hyper-scalers such as Microsoft and Amazon run their clouds on Red Hat Linux!

So, there’s no reason to abandon open-source if you want to move some or all of your data, applications, or IT infrastructure to the cloud. Did you know, for example, that you can easily take your Red Hat subscription to the Azure or AWS cloud? Many organizations are not aware of this, and few of them use the BYOL formula (bring your own license). But, it does exist and it’s a great option (Red Hat Cloud Access program)

Beyond Red Hat on-premises

Of course, all this also applies to the technology partner that looks after the open-source environment in your data center, like us, for example. We offer much more than just open-source infrastructure! Our services portfolio also includes automation, integration, managed services, training, and consultancy.

While most Red Hat experts focus on either software or infrastructure, we cover the entire Red Hat portfolio. Other open-source tooling and technologies are offered thanks to our strategic partners Isovalent (Cilium), Zabbix, and Grafana. We can even deliver SAP S/4 HANA Infrastructure or support your SAS Viya cloudification.

Red Hat OpenShift (Red Hat’s container platform) is available as a cloud service directly from Red Hat as well as from major cloud providers. Customers can also opt for a fully managed environment by our colleagues from QUBR.

One-stop-shop for the cloud

Crucially, as part of De Cronos Groep, we provide end-to-end support for anyone making the leap to the cloud. On top of our own 30 Red Hat specialists, we draw on the expertise of more than 10,000 colleagues across the entire group. And although we are not a direct partner of Azure, AWS, or Google, we frequently resell their cloud services through other Cronos companies, such as Arxus (Azure), Cloudar (AWS), and GC Innovate (Google). In addition, we can act as a single point of contact for any technology-related questions, including the cloud.

The great advantage of this one-stop-shop approach is that we already know your business inside out, so we know better than any hyper-scaler what your needs and options are within your environment. The icing on the cake is competitive pricing for your cloud licenses which will leave you with a healthy balance sheet!

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