Expanding our expertise at the Red Hat Summit in Denver

Expanding our expertise at the Red Hat Summit in Denver

Piros has long been Belgium’s largest and most strategic Red Hat partner, and we’re determined to maintain that position! That’s why we’re always expanding our expertise. The Red Hat Summit in Denver was the perfect opportunity to learn about all the latest developments and benefit from the vast knowledge and experience of the Red Hat experts. We are happy to share some of the exciting new products we learned about at the Red Hat Summit which we will soon offer to our customers.

Red Hat Summit in Denver

The Red Hat Summit in Denver was a Mecca for all things Red Hat, brimming with all the latest innovations. So Dennis Grigaliunas, sales engineer, was excited to join this summit in May, with his colleagues Angelo Jacobs and Hermes de Backere, business development manager and managing partner respectively.

New developments in AI

Red Hat LightSpeed

It won’t surprise you that AI was front and center at the summit. “Red Hat LightSpeed will be launched in Red Hat OpenShift at the end of this year,” says Grigaliunas. “LightSpeed is an AI-driven chatbot that you can ask questions about the cluster you’re working in. For example, if you encounter an error, LightSpeed will tell you how to fix it. You’ll get step-by-step instructions and you can check your progress with the chatbot while following the instructions. It’s a useful new feature, not only for Piros customers who work with OpenShift but also for ourselves. It will help us solve problems faster and more efficiently in the environments we manage for customers.”

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

Red Hat is also launching Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI, a new version of the well-known Linux product. “That operating system includes InstructLab, which makes it easier and more cost-efficient to improve the large language models you use for generative AI.” Red Hat offers open source-licensed IBM Granite LLMs under Red Hat’s flexible enterprise subscription model. Simply put, you get easy access to the models, and you can train them yourself and further enrich them with data, making it a practical way to get started with AI. “InstructLab allows you to experiment with generative AI and fine-tune applications in a very accessible way.

Open hybrid AI platform

“With OpenShift AI, Red Hat also offers a powerful, open hybrid AI platform for building, training, testing, and serving models for AI-enabled applications. Because it’s a hybrid platform, you can have AI working both on-premises and in the cloud.” In this way, Red Hat paves the way for more and faster innovation and greater productivity. “OpenShift AI allows AI to be built into a company’s daily operations, with both predictive and generative AI models. This leads to a twofold advantage: we can help customers who work with OpenShift themselves, but we also use it within Piros itself, further improving our range of managed solutions.”

First-hand knowledge

These new solutions are one of the key reasons why Piros colleagues attend the Red Hat Summit every year. “It keeps us up to date, letting us gain firsthand knowledge about things that are often still in development. On top of that, we expand our network and meet experts from the global community, as well as staff from Red Hat and other partners. You learn a lot, and the summit continues to grow, from 4,000 attendees last year to 6,500 in 2024.”

Piros knows how important it is to have a presence at the Red Hat Summit. “We immediately set up tests for new solutions coming on stream. Or we go ahead and start using them ourselves,” says Dennis G. “Applications that are not yet available, such as the AI solutions I talked about — give us a lot to think about too. Which of our customers will benefit from them? And how?”

Expanding expertise

Piros colleagues also share the knowledge they acquire at the summit with their colleagues at home. “We look at ways to improve our own operations with the innovations we learn about at the summit. For example, LightSpeed, the AI chatbot I found very interesting, can help our employees tackle issues faster when they provide managed services for customers’ OpenShift environments.”

This is a great example of how Piros continues to invest in expanding its expertise, and it’s not only great for our staff. It also means our customers will only receive the best, most informed service.

Red Hat Summit in Denver

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