Red Hat Certification as proof of expertise

Red Hat Certification as proof of expertise

Whether your organization is small or very large, Open Source software is no longer on the periphery, not even as an environment for business-critical applications. Companies are increasingly getting their IT teams certified to optimize their Red Hat infrastructure. And as Red Hat business partner, you can count on our guidance. Read more on Red Hat certification as proof of expertise!

The Red Hat landscape has evolved rapidly in recent years. Companies are opting more and more for enterprise Open Source solutions, and Red Hat is a market leader.

Training and support

Piros has quickly made a name for itself as a Red Hat partner. We have been recognized by Red Hat as a Premier Solution Provider, Advanced CCSP, and Ready Training Partner. As more companies choose Red Hat for their IT environment, they naturally want to give their IT teams the right training and support. The specialists at Piros are ready to resell that training – and host the certification exams.

Valuable certification

If you want to earn an official Red Hat certificate, you have to pass the exams, which are known for being practice-oriented and tough. It is not enough to simply memorize the theory; to pass, you really need to master the topic and be able to solve the concrete challenges you’ll be presented with. So although Red Hat exams are among the most challenging, their certificates also the most highly regarded in the industry.

Piros has a location in Kontich, where you can take the Red Hat exams. In preparation for certification, we recommend using the Red Hat Learning Subscription. This gives you online access to all the documentation you need for a fixed fee. You can also choose to include the exams in the package.

Ready-made or custom

Red Hat offers ready-made training courses, for example for anyone who wants to become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator. You can then move on to qualify as a Certified Engineer, Certified Specialist in Containers and Kubernetes, and so on.

Of course, we’re always happy to advise you on what the best route might be for you and your staff members. We’re also happy to design custom training programs for companies that have Red Hat needs specific to a particular sector.

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