Piros expands its portfolio with Zabbix

Piros expands its portfolio with Zabbix

For more than 15 years, Piros has been steadily building its expertise in Red Hat. And for a few years, the company is also an official partner for the open-source monitoring tool Zabbix.

Open source has fundamentally changed the IT world. The idea behind open-source software is as simple as it is brilliant: everyone contributes to its development, and everyone can use the solution for free. The code is freely available, and everything is completely transparent. Open-source relies on the power of numbers. A community with thousands of specialists who share their expertise usually finds a solution much faster than someone working alone.

Enterprise software offers guarantees

At the same time, it has become very clear over the years that open source can also provide the basis for a successful commercial model. While community open source remains free, specialized partners continue to work on the software and offer additional services. This is how the enterprise open-source market was born.

Now more than ever, companies are deliberately opting for enterprise open source. The fact that IBM now owns Red Hat speaks volumes in that respect. Enterprise open source offers all the necessary guarantees in terms of support, security, and liability guarantees that community open source cannot provide. If everything is open and free, who is responsible when something goes wrong? Precisely because companies want that certainty, they choose enterprise open source with confidence.

More tools

Over the past 15 years, Piros has built up extensive expertise as a Red Hat partner. But at the same time, we have expanded our areas of focus step by step to include other open-source technologies and tools. Zabbix is a good example of this. It is an open-source software tool for monitoring IT infrastructure such as networks, servers, virtual machines, and cloud services.

Zabbix is also freely available in the form of community open source, but despite this, many companies choose the enterprise version. This is only logical, as anyone who has already opted for enterprise open source for their infrastructure software should do the same for the tools they use to monitor that infrastructure. Similarly, the support for Zabbix that Piros offers is a logical addition to our Red Hat services.

Best of both worlds

The example of Zabbix shows how Piros is responding to the needs of companies that want to switch quickly. Enterprise open-source solutions from Red Hat OpenShift or Zabbix offer companies the best of both worlds: a large open-source community working on the software, and at the same time the certainty of monitoring and support from a professional partner.

Proud Zabbix partner

In Belgium, Piros is not only the first company to call itself a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, but we’re also the only Belgian partner that supports the entire Red Hat portfolio. We act as the point of contact for the entire Red Hat community within the Cronos Group. In this way, we bundle the strength of more than a hundred Red Hat specialists.

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