Leading with Automation

Belgium’s only Certified Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Specialist

Red Hat is launching its Leading with Automation initiative. The new program highlights partners who specialize in automation with Red Hat Ansible. In Belgium, Piros is the only Red Hat partner authorized to call itself an Automation Platform Specialist.

Red Hat believes automation is foundational to business transformation. It provides customers with the financial and mental space for the challenges and changes that lie ahead. At Piros, we’re also convinced that when it comes to IT infrastructure management, anything you have to do more than twice should be automated.

No matter the complexity of the environment or where you are on your IT modernization journey, an IT operations automation strategy helps you to improve your existing processes. With automation, you save time, increase quality and improve employee satisfaction. On top of that, you reduce costs throughout your organization.

More value

Automation helps you free up time and resources to work on tasks that add more value. At the same time, the error rate is reduced because software always performs actions, in the same way, a thousand times in succession, if necessary. Whereas humans will sooner or later get distracted and inevitably make mistakes.

This idempotency is perhaps the greatest advantage of automation. If you ask a software tool to perform the same sequence of actions twice in succession — as described in a playbook — you’ll get exactly the same result twice in succession. In the context of IT infrastructure management, this leads to higher quality. After all, the outcome is always the same — and no one changes the IT environment unnoticed.

Automation Platform Specialist

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is one of the tools we rely on for this. The platform includes all the tools businesses need to

  • implement enterprise-wide automation
  • bring development and ops together
  • save valuable engineering time
  • mitigate the risk of errors.

Under the banner of Leading with Automation, Red Hat is recognizing, elevating, and rewarding partners who commit to the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

“We are proud that we have been recognized as an Automation Platform Specialist. And that we are Red Hat’s only Belgian partner with this quality label”, says Martijn Cielen, cofounder and Operations Manager at Piros. Red Hat previously recognized Piros as a Premier Business Partner Solution Provider. Betting on automation is simply smart.

“In order to achieve optimal results, as a company, you need to be able to count on a partner with the necessary expertise and experience”, adds Cielen. “That’s exactly the message that Red Hat is sending out with the Leading with Automation initiative.”

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