“It had to be Linux. That’s why I chose Piros.”

“It had to be Linux. That’s why I chose Piros.”

Indy Van Mol has a passion for Linux. So, it’s not surprising that he chose a job that allows him to pursue that passion. “Only Piros offers the depth I was looking for.”

“I’ve been interested in all things Linux since I was 16,” says Indy. “When I was in secondary school, I was already running Linux on my PC at home.” During his studies in applied computer science at Howest, Indy’s interest in the operating system only increased. “Since then, I’ve been using Linux on my laptop. That was quite challenging at times,” Indy laughs, “but that’s how I got to know the system inside and out.”

As the winner of a blockchain competition, Indy got an invitation from Cronos. “I immediately liked the company’s entrepreneurial mindset,” he says, “, especially in combination with the many young people who work there.” During a holiday job at Cronos, Indy delved deeper into the world of Linux. “That’s how I got into DevOps. I got to know Linux containers there and immediately knew that this was an area I wanted to explore.”

Linux only

As a student entrepreneur, Indy worked on a Linux virtualization project for a data center. After his thesis — on Red Hat and Docker — he turned to Cronos again. “I really just wanted to work with Linux, preferably as a consultant,” he says, “so that I could work on new projects on a regular basis.” Piros was looking for new staff with that profile. “It clicked immediately, and I was allowed to start straight away.”

Indy now works as a Linux system administrator for the Federal Police. “I have an extensive remit,” he says. “I help expand the Linux environment: setting up servers, figuring out new things, developing internal expertise, you name it.” He goes to the data center of the Federal Police in Antwerp two to three days a week for this. On the other days, he works from home.

Die-hard fans

“I was born and raised on the coast,” says Indy. “I’ve lived in Knokke all my life.” Once a month he meets his colleagues at the Piros headquarters in Leuven. “I carpool with colleagues from Ghent and Dilbeek. Those rides to and from the office are always a lot of fun. We’re all die-hard Linux believers. In the car, we pretty much only talk about technology, but it’s always a laugh. If you have a passion for tech, then Piros is the place for you.”

Indy also regularly visits the Cronos offices in Kontich. “I’ve gotten to know a lot of people there too, and I’m always meeting new people. Cronos is a great place because you always learn something new there.” That’s also one of the best things about Cronos as a group. “The world of technology is changing rapidly. You need your colleagues’ help to keep up with everything. That’s how things work at Piros: everyone learns from everyone else. If you really want to take a deep dive into Linux, Piros is the place to be.”

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