Enterprise Open Source at Keytrade Bank

The real value of Enterprise
Open Source at Keytrade Bank

Customers expect to be able to count on their bank around the clock. That’s especially true for an Internet bank like Keytrade Bank. And that’s why Keytrade Bank chose Red Hat’s enterprise open source software. Fortified by the exceptional support and services of Piros, Red Hat’s Premier Business Partner in the Benelux and the Nordics. Explore the real value of enterprise open source at Keytrade Bank!

“Our decision to partner with Red Hat was based on another, more strategic, technology choice: our move to the cloud,” says Niels Petö, DevOps and Cloud Engineer at Keytrade Bank in Brussels. This 100 % digital bank, with its headquarters in the Belgian capital, employs more than 350 people. They serve around 400,000 customers.

Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud, but not public

More than a third of its staff work in the IT department. Keytrade Bank has come a long way since it was established in 1998 as an online broker. Since then, it has developed into a fully-fledged digital bank. “When other banks were fixated on their branch networks, we were focused on another type of network,” says Petö. “Because we have no branches, everything related to IT is crucial to us. Without exaggerating, it drives our business.” Regarding digital transformation, Keytrade Bank is also leading from the front. “To transform our business and the way we develop software, we embarked on a cloud adoption journey. The idea behind that journey was to go beyond the typical monolithic approach to software development. Instead, work with containerized applications or smaller pieces of software.”

Although Keytrade Bank originally wanted to move its software development environment to the public cloud, legal constraints made that impossible. “Because we’re a bank, not all our applications can simply go into the public cloud, for security and privacy reasons,” Petö explains. That’s why the bank looked for a hybrid solution. That would allow developers to work with containers both in the public cloud and on-premises. In such a way that it would maintain transparency for its developers.

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