Digitaal Vlaanderen and Red Hat

Digitaal Vlaanderen delivers digital services to government agencies faster with Red Hat

Digitaal Vlaanderen provides digital solutions for Flemish government services and local authorities. To keep pace with demand, the organization sought to modernize its critical data-sharing platform, MAGDA. By migrating to Red Hat’s enterprise container application and messaging solutions, supported by Piros, Digitaal Vlaanderen has created a scalable, responsive, and cost-effective foundation for optimizing legacy applications and building new digital services. Discover the collaboration between Digitaal Vlaanderen and Red Hat.

Building an efficient, future-oriented government

Digitization of services for citizens and organizations is a priority for the Flemish government. To support this focus, Digitaal Vlaanderen was formed as a merger of Information Flanders and the ICT department of the Flemish government’s Facility Services organization. Digitaal Vlaanderen serves as a business partner to the Flemish government agencies and local authorities. With a mission to build an efficient, future-oriented government offering innovative digital services.

Maximum Data Sharing between Administrations

In 2005, Digitaal Vlaanderen built MAGDA (Maximum Data Sharing between Administrations). It’s a platform to help government applications and agencies retrieve authentic data in a safe and legal way. Data sources include the National Register, the Crossroads Bank for Vehicles (DIV), the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (KBO), and more.

“MAGDA authenticates users and ensures they are authorized to access the requested data,” said Kelly Bonneure, Lead MAGDA Product Owner, Digitaal Vlaanderen. “Users can access all integrated services through a single platform.”

As adoption—and requests for new features—increased, Digitaal Vlaanderen sought to build a new, scalable foundation for MAGDA. Which could meet current and future demands at the necessary pace.

Supporting new and legacy technology needs with a scalable, cloudy-ready platform 

As it was already working on modernizing its legacy Java™ applications and services, Digitaal Vlaanderen sought a microservices-based solution to support its plans to move to the cloud. After deciding to use Kubernetes container technology, Digitaal Vlaanderen chose Red Hat OpenShift as the new foundation for MAGDA.

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