Embracing the hybrid model: a shift in IT trends for 2024

Embracing the hybrid model

The new year is the ideal time to look back and to look ahead to future. So what trends do we at Piros predict for 2024? And what IT insights can we share for the coming year? We are embracing the hybrid model: a shift in IT trends for 2024.

The cloud

Let’s start with the cloud. 2024 will almost certainly — but not surprisingly — be the year more and more companies move away from the cloud. This is why: the cloud was invented to absorb capacity surges, transitory moments when your on-prem IT capacity wasn’t sufficient. Like on New Year’s Eve, for example, when telecom providers suddenly had to handle not thousands but millions of text messages per hour. For these peaks in demand, companies deployed additional IT capacity via the cloud. This way they didn’t have to expand their local IT with capacity that they didn’t use every day.

But it didn’t stop there…

However, more and more organizations started to see the cloud as the answer to all their IT needs. And they decided to put as much IT as possible in the cloud. Ideally, they ended up with a multi-cloud environment, to mitigate dependence on a single supplier. At Piros, we have always considered the cloud as merely a component of the solution, rather than a cure-all for all your IT challenges.
And the cloud isn’t the cheapest solution either. So, we’re seeing more and more companies moving away from the cloud and opting once again for a hybrid cloud solution, where they keep some stuff in the cloud and other stuff on-prem — whatever makes sense for them. They’re using the cloud again for what it was intended: absorbing peaks. We hope that in 2024 more Belgian companies will benefit from this insight.

And how do you work on-prem?

With container technology. Something that more and more ISVs are requiring outright. They deliver their software only as containers. So you need a container platform, something a lot of companies are beginning to realize. However, they’re often not prepared for this shift. And other companies that work with VMware today, for example, are looking for an alternative, especially after Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware.
Today, companies find themselves in a perfect storm of IT uncertainty, in which they don’t know what the best choice is due to a lack of knowledge and resources around hybrid cloud and container technology.

What do you do then?

Recognize that lack and do something about it by choosing the right IT partner. First and foremost, you should choose a partner that offers the leading solution — Red Hat OpenShift, in this case. And of course, you should choose the enterprise version of the solution, as well as a partner with plenty of expertise. This way you gain certainty in uncertain times. And you can be confident of good guidance so that you make the right choices, as well as quick, correct answers to all your questions.
When you’re choosing a specialist partner, go for one with a robust business model, one who invests in expertise and always stays bang up to date with new developments. You need a partner who has been advocating for the enterprise version for almost 20 years, one who doesn’t rush to close a deal but instead focuses on providing you with reliable advice over the long term. In short, you need a partner like Piros.


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