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AI is booming. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with finding the strategy and platform to enable its success. AI apps are relatively new for enterprise IT departments. They are anchored in rapidly growing, open-source, cutting-edge code. Therefore, they lack proven approaches that can stand up to the rigors of scaled enterprise production settings. That’s why you need an AI-ready Enterprise Platform.

NVIDIA and Red Hat are joining forces to run your business using your trusted infrastructure in many locations. This ranges from virtualized and private cloud deployments in corporate data centers to large-scale services deployed on public clouds.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite and Red Hat OpenShift provide a scalable AI-ready enterprise platform. It accelerates a wide range of AI use cases. This allows it to extend deep learning (DL) and ML to every industry, from healthcare to financial services to manufacturing. NVIDIA AI Enterprise with Red Hat OpenShift offers enormous flexibility. It gives you the option to deploy in both bare-metal and virtualized environments, both on-premises and in the public cloud. A perfect AI-ready Enterprise Platform!

Benefits of Nvidia

Unify the delivery of intelligent applications with integrated MLOps

Make collaboration possible across teams so that ML models are quickly integrated into the development of intelligent applications and deployed into production.

Quicken compute-intensive ML modelling and inferencing jobs

Convenience of deployment and scaling

Take advantage of the jointly certified NVIDIA and Red Hat solution in order to deploy and manage AI workloads in containers or VMs with optimized software.

Another number in the queue? Thanks, but no thanks. Our staff works closely with you and offers full transparency throughout the process – from planning to execution. You’ll never feel alone when working with Piros because we care about your success as much as ours!

We are proud to say that we are the first and the only IT provider in Belgium that covers the full Red Hat portfolio Our choice to work exclusively with Red Hat is well-considered. That’s why our staff can tackle any challenge, as they have become true experts throughout the years.

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How OpenShift powers your AI development

The potential benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) haven’t passed you by. And that’s why you’ve invested in the technology. Maybe you’ve even acquired new hardware and extra processing power. But are you spreading your resources efficiently across the different applications? Would you like to know how OpenShift powers your AI development?

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Are you eager to start with Ansible automation? We are happy to assess your current inventory. On top of that, we advise you on the best way to move forward, we write your playbooks, and more!

02. Implementation

Are you stuck with your automation? With setting up your Ansible playbooks? Let us implement Ansible for you and advise you on best practices..

02. Maintenance

Do you like a worry-free experience? Let us maintain your Ansible environment.

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We do hands-on labs, where you get a grasp of the many features of Ansible (Tower) in an interactive way. Customized (on-site or virtual) training is also possible.


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