Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 End Of Life

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 will be End Of Life on November 30

Initially released almost a decade ago, on November 10, 2010, RHEL 6 will reach its end of life on November 30, 2020.

As you probably know, RHEL has several support phases:

By reaching its end of life, RHEL 6 will enter the Extended Life Phase

During the Extended Life Phase, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription provides continued access to previously released content on the Red Hat Customer Portal, as well as other content such as documentation and the Red Hat Knowledgebase. Advice for migrating to currently supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions may also be provided.

For versions of products in the Extended Life Phase, Red Hat will provide limited ongoing technical support. No bug fixes, security fixes, hardware enablement or root-cause analysis will be available during this phase, and support will be provided on existing installations only*.

Red Hat reserves the right to terminate the ongoing support in the Extended Life Phase for a particular version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux at any time.

Do you still have systems running on RHEL 6?

Piros. can help you migrate your systems to a more current version of RHEL. We will analyse your environment, and propose the best route to take.

Need assistance? Just let us know!

You can reach us at or by phone:

P.S.: on November 30, RHEL 5's Extended Life Phase will also come to an end, so if you still have systems running on RHEL 5 we strongly recommend to get in touch with us.

* Unless you buy the Extended Lifecycle Support add-on, which provides extended support once a product is retired and has entered the Extended Life Phase allowing customers to continue to receive critical impact security fixes and selected urgent priority bug fixes on a specific major version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the end of its regular life cycle for an extended, defined period of time. ELS is only applicable to the last minor release of the given major release. But let's be honest, you'll be calling us in 4 years anyway then ;-)

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